bcbs introduction
We are pleased to introduce Beler Cross Border Services (BCBS). As a result of BILSI’s customs expertise, we developed a software platform and service for digitizing Bill of Lading (BOL) data in order to transmit ACI/ACE eManifests and optionally send a 204 (Motor Carrier Load Tender) file. We will manage your entire PARS/PAPS desk operation. Shipments will be managed from the time the paperwork is received, to notifying the customs broker, submitting the ACE/ACI and conveyance/trip data to CBSA and CBP, and finally reporting once it’s crossed the border.
How are we different?

We’re not just providing the software but the qualified staff to manage all your shipments crossing the border and to ensure all the requirements of Customs are met. Don’t risk giving this responsibility to staff that are not knowledgeable in what it means to be compliant.

For ease of setup, we can work directly with the carrier or the carrier’s customer. We offer round the clock coverage for support with experts in Customs on both sides of the border to ensure drivers cross without incident. Our service can be scaled to handle any volume from five to 5000 BOLs a night. We have pricing to reflect this. Please contact us for more information.

Lower your cross border costs without significantly compromising service levels.

We are also the first to provide ACI reporting for LTL shipments for Rail. We have worked with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) to allow for multiple shipments to multiple consignees per container. Only load when it’s safe to do so, once ACI and RNS acceptance are both received. The communications between CBSA/CBP and the Rail/Road Companies are critical to the smooth flow of goods across the border. Please contact us for more information.

Beler Cross Border’s Shipment Management Application allows for the centralization of shipment activity and status updates. Let us manage your shipments ensuring you stay compliant so you can focus on timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

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