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BILSI is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions to meet the needs of businesses in the United States who want to expand into the Canadian market and Canadian companies looking for an efficient transportation management solution for their existing model. Our aim is to achieve fast, efficient, cost-effective movement of your products. That means hassle free customs clearance coupled with transportation management services for your shipments into Canada.

We have developed a web based application that incorporates our expertise in rating products (customs tariffs), transportation management, and logistics. The application requires little or no additional work on your end and provides you with a resource that can facilitate sales to Canadian consumers.

Using our application, either directly for phone order sales, or connected to the shopping chart of your web site, you will get real time quotes covering freight, duties, GST/HST, PST, and brokerage fees. BILSI will return a value under for these components, on a door to door basis. In other words, you can tell your Canadian consumer up front what all of the costs will be. Once the client confirms the order, the order information is transmitted to BILSI so we can prepare the customs documentation and plan the transportation.

BILSI can prepare a door-to-door solution for E-Commerce retailers who want to penetrate the Canadian market. The Solution will include:

  1. Provide our Web Service solution.
  2. Provide real time information covering all shipping/handling costs, GST/HST and when applicable, PST on an order-by-order basis.
  3. Provide drop shipment points throughout the USA to consolidate northbound orders.
  4. Prepare and provide consolidated customs entries.
  5. Provide service to your client’s door with no hidden or extra charges.
  6. Provide reverse logistics service, including a consolidation point for authorized returns, verification and sorting of all returns and preparing all export and duty draw back documentation on returns being sent back to you or your vendor.
  7. Make all documentation (Invoices, Customs entries etc.) available online.
  8. Provide tracking and tracing for all shipments

Canada is the largest trading partner of the USA and one of the most receptive markets in the world for US goods and services. BILSI makes selling to the 22,000,000 internet users in Canada hassle-free. No hidden charges to your client, all duties taxes and shipping costs are listed and collected before the product is even delivered to the drop shipment point. Let us show you how easy we can make this process for you.

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