Exporter to Canada
If you are an exporter to Canada, BILSI can only act on your behalf if you are or become a Non Resident Importer (NRI). The NRI program allows US (and other Nations) companies to compete on a level playing field with their Canadian competitors (for details on the NRI program see FAQ). In addition, to act on your behalf, we will require certain documents completed and returned to us. An explanation of each document is provided however if you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The General Agency Agreement (GAA) is a legal document authorizing BILSI to represent you, (the importer) in all matters relating to importing of products into Canada. Two copies signed on both pages are required, one will be returned for your records.

The Credit Application, once completed will be held in the strictest confidence.

As a new client of BILSI's (importer or exporter to Canada), you may have questions regarding the documents needed to set up an account. Our New Client Instruction Sheet serves as a guide, providing answers to common questions; explaining the requirements and forms needed to ship to Canada.

BILSI can arrange for a Surety Bond, in CBSA’s favour, that will allow release of shipments prior to payment of duties and taxes. In addition, BILSI can assist in getting your account security from CBSA. Once completed, BILSI will report to you by the 20th of each month, the amount(s) of duty and taxes you are required to pay. A cheque must be issued payable to the Receiver General for Canada and submitted to BILSI at least three days prior to the end of the month. Letter to CBSA advising them that BILSI is authorised to use your account security is required on your letterhead.

Company Information, once completed will be held in the strictest confidence.

If your company is not an NRI, the first step is obtaining a Business Number/Importer Number (BN) from CRA. Usually, BILSI can obtain a BN for you within 2-4 days if you have already completed and returned the GAA. A GST number may also be obtained, please ask us how we can help you acquire a GST number and then make your monthly filings.

Download all forms as one package HERE


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